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wip for goodfuelco ~

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Joel Rea, Recent Work.

Recent work by painter Joel Rea (Previously on Supersonic) whose life like portrayals of the surreal are a marvel to gaze at:

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Everybody’s got a thing, Caroline Sauvage

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Twitter Campaign: These are only facts. 

Feel free to join in on this campaign to boycott the Exodus movie trailer. I’m so infuriated that it is 2014 and we are still portraying on the silver screen a falsehood of what the ancient Egyptians were! Use the hashtag #BoycottExodusMovie to join. This is honestly some fuck boy mentality honestly!

i will be boycotting this. I hope this takes off

PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS!! I want to see this thing flop. We can make a statement with this. Don’t even netflix it or buy it in DVD. If you must see it. Wait till the movie/weed man gets a rip or a good copy after it’s in stores.


boycott the fuck outta it

Really really bummed to see an actor of Bale’s caliber sign on to a film that blatantly disregards history and portrays these characters in this way.

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Koshi Kawachi’s “Note Drawing.”

Artist Koshi Kawachi, inspired by his surroundings, put musical staff lines across various cityscapes and mountains, dotting each point with the resulting music note.  The result is a fascinating, organic piece of music that comes from pure artistic imagination.  Watch a video below of the notes being played!

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Étienne-Jules Marey

"Like his contemporary Eadweard Muybridge, Marey, a physiologist, was interested in the science of human movement. By 1882, he had developed a single camera method that he called chronophotography, which allowed him to make images of human and animal movement. His camera was the forerunner of the motion picture camera.

Marey’s chronophotographs were some of the first images to illustrate the exact process of body movement.”

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On Thin Ice by Ciril Jazbec

ON THIN ICE is a series of photos from Greenland and one of the chapters in a long-term project concerned with the human face of climate change as it threatens various low-lying regions. It shows the life of hunters and fishermen in the remote villages in Northern Greenland. In this exploration, I spent most of my time in the village with only 250 inhabitants but over 500 dogs.

One of the main characters of the story is Unnartoq, one of the last remaining people sticking to tradition and living as subsistence hunters. I don’t speak Unnartoq’s language, so hand gestures and honesty become an even more important factor of communication than usual. For a European, the conditions in Greenland are extreme; low temperatures require one to be exceptionally strong-willed, and will to live is what has always driven the traditional hunters to survive. However, the daily life of these hunters is changing due to climate change, unpredictable weather, higher temperatures, and the resulting thin ice.

The sea used to be frozen for eight months a year, but nowadays it only freezes for few months, threatening the traditional methods of seal hunting. The story also touches upon globalization worming its way into every nook and cranny of the world, as well as upon global interconnectedness driving youth away from tradition and self-sufficiency. In Greenland as well, young people are moving to the cities, self-sufficient hunters are disappearing and a 1000-year tradition of hunting and survival in the most extreme of conditions is being forgotten.

Different eyes perceive different sensations and actions, and how one interprets a visual story is mostly the result of inner emotions. I strive to use photography to tell a story that is reflected through a single person, through his own eyes.

On thin ice will be exhibited at The Rencontres d’Arles in France this summer.

All photographs and text by Ciril Jazbec. Visit his website here

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Trinity - July 16th, 1945

Happy Anniversary, Bob

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Paradise lost, Colin Finlay

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Reality and imagination, Leslie Jean-Bart

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Nowhere Safe in Gaza: Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch 2)


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